An Infinity Swimming Pool

The week went by quicker than expected.  But it always does when one is having fun… or traveling for work or pleasure.  As soon as I returned from Stockholm, I had only one day to relax and was off to Antwerp.  If you never heard of Antwerp, I don’t blame you.  But it is a lovely city in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium where people speak Flemish. It is one of my recent discoveries that took me by surprise – the city architecture, the heritage from the “golden age” when once Antwerp was the richest city in Europe, is astonishing and the details and elegance can take a breath away.

I enjoy taking an early train on Monday mornings, even if it takes almost 5 hours to get from door to door but coming back on Fridays is always difficult – so many people board the train, so crowded that there are not always seats available and the trip is just too long to stand, and it gets so noisy with all those teenagers riding along… I always wonder where they are going but it seems to be a popular route for them from Namur or Arlon to Brussels and back.  I should get a car, but would sitting in traffic make it any better?

It was a nice week overall since I did not have to cook and had nice restaurant meals instead, tasted Belgian beer and yummy desserts made by a chef.  But my favourite part is a swimming pool…  not just any kind of swimming pool, but an infinity swimming pool.


This is the actual pool which I so enjoy.  If you manage to get there when no one else is around, together with the Finnish sauna, it is a perfect place to relax after a long day at work.