My last school exam in this lifetime

I just realised that 11 days ago on January 11 I took my last exam.  It is a strange feeling but I will never have to take a single test at school again.  Yes, I might take a driving test when I finally manage to learn how to drive, or a language test when I finally have time to start my French classes, but no more school tests.  Yoohoo!  You might say never say never but I am pretty sure that I am done this time for good.  The academia is not for me, and one Master degree is more than enough.  And I am too old to continue being in school! LOL

But the best thing is that it was one the hardest courses for me and I got one of my best grades.  Game Theory, bring it on!  It feels good.  It feels great.  Now I just need to finish what I started 2.5 years ago and through all the tears and pain to complete my thesis and my degree.  In June I will get my diploma from one of the best schools in Scandinavia while living 1,600 km (1,000 miles) away.  Impossible will be possible.

And if I focus on this, I might just pull it off…