A year in Luxembourg

YLuxembourgesterday was our first anniversary in Luxembourg. Yay! This is the third foreign country (for me) that we lived at and perhaps I am becoming an addict to constant moving because I am getting restless again. I miss the excitement that comes with moving to a new city or a new country. I am so nostalgic of the first few weeks or months when everything is new and there are so many things to see and discover. I even miss the hotel where we stayed at for the first month because it reminds me of our first experiences and adventures exploring Luxembourg. As soon as it got warmer, we would hop on the train and go to random cities in the country or Germany, France and Belgium. It is only under one hour to get abroad! LOL

This year has been a long one. So many things happened, so many changes took place. But at the same time it was just one year. In the grand scheme of life it is nothing!  But let’s see what happened this year.

– We moved to Germany for one month to explore the oldest city Trier. Even though it took me an hour to commute each day, I loved every bits of it. A train ride passing a number of vineyards surrounded by fog in early mornings was a spectacular sight. And Trier is quite a special town with a lovely old town and obviously amazing Roman ruins. Porta Nigra still takes my breath away! And I was lucky to walk past by it every morning to get to work.

– We flew to Scotland for a week and got married there! Scotland was always a mysterious place to me and I read so many books about it when I was a kid, so spending a week in Edinburgh was quite something. I am not sure which part I enjoyed the most – Edinburgh or the Highlands. But the best moment was when we shared our vows and said “I do”. It was raining a whole week (it is Scotland after all!) but the morning we got married, there was beautiful blue skies and lots of sun that lasted until the late afternoon. We got really lucky on this one!

– I started travelling to BePhoto0089lgium for work and learned so much about this country. A couple of years ago I might have said that in Belgium they speak Belgian! LOL The best part was discovering why the Belgian beers are considered the best and having my hubby to come along and experience it all together with me for the first time. As I blogged once before, Antwerp really surprised me with its beauty.

– Making friends with a first few months! I previously lived 1.5 years in Sweden and made no Swedish friend. Yes, Swedes are nice and extremely polite but your friendship ends at the office door. But living in a city full of expatriates is the best way to make friends because everyone is looking for meeting other people. The only downside is that most people come here for work and eventually leave.

– Went home for a week and spent it with my parents by the seashore. What can be better than that? I didn’t always have this pleasure.

– My hubby and I visited France for the first time. And, it was not Paris. Please don’t laugh, but on our first trip to France we went to Metz which is just under an hour away and I found it to be a lovely city. If you never heard of it, it is a small town in northeast of France with some beautiful historical buildings from the various times of history such as the basilica of Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains dating back to 400 AD, the Roman aqueduct (II century BC), the medieval bridge castle named Germans’ Gate, the magnificent Gothic style St-Étienne cathedral (XIII-XVI century) and so on. It was just purely beautiful. I love old architecture so much!

– So many first times… but for the first time we visited Italy on our honeymoon where we spent a week in Sardinia and then three weeks in Florence. I think no words are needed to describe how much in love I felt with Italy. I wanted to stop the time but it flew by too fast.

DSC09907  dsc09930.jpg

– We visited so many Roman ruin sights in Luxembourg (country) and surrounded areas. I cannot still wrap my head around how anything can remain for that long. We are talking about two thousand years… The random Roman villa and amphitheatre ruins in the middle of a small town that we run across accidentally (or not…)

Photo0040  Photo0042

Photo0038  Photo0050

– I discovered my favourite place in Luxembourg country: Vianden which is a beautiful small town that looks straight from a postcard! All I wanted to do there was to sit in a cafe by the river all day long and look at this view. And then, I discovered that the town had a public swimming pool on the top of the hill overseeing the castle! How amazing is that! Luxembourg is really a best country with public pools. There are many of them, they are extremely cheap and they look like private pools rather than public.

Photo0071  Photo0188

– We moved to 4 different apartments in one year.  That sounds a bit crazy but we seem not being able to settle down!  At least the Lux government gives 2 vacation days for each move! LOL

– I learned French.  Just kidding!  No, I still speak no local language (neither Luxembourgish, nor French nor German) but I learned how to get around by pointing fingers and trying to imitate the sounds of others.  My favourite word is “oui!” (yes in English, pronounced as “wee”).  I say “oui” to everything although it often leads to surprises, especially when it comes to food!

– And last but not least, I spent my third Christmas in a row at home together with my family. And I am so grateful for that.