Panang curry

After a week of being sick I am finally feel like a human again.  My energy levels are back and I feel like dancing all night long or going for a run.  It is strange what spending a week in bed can do to someone’s soul.  I was exhausted of being exhausted.  I even forgot that there has been times when I was able to do more than just put my clothes on.

So today I got up and I could not stop running around.  I still cannot leave the house (better be safe than sorry) so I started cleaning and did some laundry.  I worked from home and I even moved some furniture around (hopefully not pushing my limits too far) but I felt like I have tCamera 360o do something to make up for the lost time.  And in the evening, I was so excited that I decided to take a turn on making dinner and made panang curry.  I love making thai curries.  Too bad I did not have any fresh chili peppers or thai basil but I could still make it spicy with dried chili and the curry paste.  I believe that spicy food is the best medicine for a sick body.  So it is time to hit the Asian market again. I love shopping at Asian stores.  They are better than candy shops (my goodies on the right).

I have never been to Asia, so one of my current dreams is to travel to Thailand and taste local foods.