My obsession with pastries: French or Swedish, who wins?

I cannot decide which bakery I prefer anymore – French or Swedish.  I know it should not be even a question because French are famous for it, and who ever heard of Swedish pastries?  When I am back home, I love French bakeries. There are so many pastries to choose from and I can spend hours just looking at them.  Have you ever had a macaron from Ladurée? It is something to die for. But don’t get addicted to it because it costs an arm and a leg and you will eventually go broke!  Overall, French pastries seem to be all about different types of dough, cream fillings and pieces of such as chocolate, raisins, etc.

In Sweden bakeries are nothing like that.  Swedish pastries are all about spice – cinnamon found in the most popular daily bun kannelbulle, saffron found in such as lussekatt baked for the Lucia celebration in the beginning of December, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, cloves found in pepparkaka. At first I found many these pastries quite strange.  Who puts saffron in a bun?? But after trying a few times I started to miss the particular even though so unusual taste and keep wanting to have it again.  Today I went and bought some semla to take them back to How can you not love Sweden In Sweden you must eatLuxembourg for my friends to tryIt is another strange tasting bun, which is only sold during a certain period of time, mainly before the Lent.  It is made from wheat spiced with cardamom so it is slighty sweet and is topped with whipped cream.  Right now it is the time when it is being sold so I went to my favourite bakery Gateau.  If you ever come to Stockholm, definitely try this bakery because this place has the best quality Swedish goodies.  It has also conveniently one location in the central station (T-Centralen).

Another Swedish obsession is candy.  Everywhere I go, basically every shop sells loose candy of different colours and flavours.  There are also many already packed to choose from.  They call it Godis. I only thank God that my will power is stronger and I am capable to resist them.  I prefer chocolate or ice cream but they are not something one can eat a lot in one sitting.  But there is no surprise that I discovered my favourite ice cream in Sweden – black licorice (lakrits). Lakrits can be found in many different shapes of candy and I know it is highly popular in Belgium as well.  But in ice cream, it is something to die for! Obviously, I bought it on my first day in Stockholm and already shamelessly finished a whole box.

Ok I’d better pack my bags.  I have a bus at 4 in the morning tomorrow to catch to go home for my last week.  Strangely I do not really want to go back.  Maybe it is because I did all the “nesting” when arrived in Stockholm to prepare for my big move in a week and it feels too soon.  But I am sure that by the time I land in Belgium (oops this time I am landing in Germany), I will be ecstatic.  After all I am seeing my hubbie and my girlfriends for lunch tomorrow!  (Ok, now I am getting excited)