The beginning of my temporary life in Stockholm

I cannot believe it is only the third day since I arrived in Stockholm.  It feels like ages because the first few days were extremely busy and exhausting.  I had to get up at 5 in the morning on Wednesday to take a bus to a small airport in Belgium and then to fly to Stockholm or actually to the Skavsta airport, which is 1.5 hours away from Stockholm.  Then there was another bus to the city center followed by dragging my bags through the snow to pick up the keys to my new home, rushing to IKEA to make it on time for the same day delivery, choosing all the furniture, picking up the pieces from the isles, submitting them to the delivery center and rushing home to meet the driver before he arrives, while all this time dragging my heavy laptop with me.  Don’t ask but I was hoping to check my email before I get home and I did get lucky because those free shuttles to IKEA apparently have free wi-fi on board! But it has been so long since I bought anything from IKEA that I naively believed that I will need no tools. I did ask and the sales person ensured me that all the tools were included in the packaging. Nevertheless I ended up having to use my fingers and a knife to put and screw all pieces together.  I cannot believe that even an office chair came in the box of pieces. That darn IKEA and their crazy ideas! The desk is still not completely stable but I do not have enough strength for all 20 screws to be forced into the dense wooden cover, so I keep reinforcing them each day when my hands are not that aching. Even though I realised that during all this rush I completely forgot to get the towels, I did manage to sleep on my own bed the first night so I was happy in the end.

But tSweden from the airhe first thing that I love about Sweden is the views from the air.  They are always fantastic, or maybe it is just me who loves all the whiteness and the magic of the snow. I have seen it so many times but still I manage to get surprised each time how white Sweden is in winter.  It is quite a spectacular view when a plane is landing and there is a clear picture of the fields below.  In summer, there are a number of lakes and the greenery visible but in winter, it is only snow snow and never ending snow.

I also forgot what a big city Stockholm is. I guess that’s what happens when you live so long in a small town like Luxembourg and everything is in a walking distance.  I keep underestimating distances and trying to walk everywhere, even if I have heavy bags with me.  But this is my rebellion against the sky high prices of the metro.  It covers such a large area bView outside the windowut it charges the same price whether you are riding half an hour or just one stop!  At least I will be getting a very good exercise, so that is my mission to walk everywhere as much as I can.  I am not a great planner so I did not foresee everything including the internet, so I had no connection for the first two days because I did not bring any wires with me.  So now I am slightly behind but I will write more how everything is going.  One good thing is definitely the view from my new home.