Last day in Luxembourg

I wish I could take a walk in the valley (Pétrusse), which is just a few minutes way.  I wish I could walk through the Hiking 10 km around the valleycobblestone streets in Grund, visit my favourite caves, take the last look. Most importantly I wish I could spend time with my husband and visit together our favourite spots in the city.  But instead I am preparing for my previous research paper for my thesis which is due on Monday and doing some work in between because it is a monthly closing I am closing on my own.  The last months were a never-ending marathon and I rarely had time to stop and enjoy. Most importantly, I rarely had time to spend with him. And now I am leaving.

The most time we spent apart was 2 weeks a year or two after we met, when he went away for work. I don’t think we ever spent time apart that much every again in 7.5 years of being together.  And now, it is 3 months. I have no idea how we will manage.  Perhaps somehow… It is quite sad that it happened to be in our first year of marriage.  But we survived worse, so we will survive this too. After all, in the grand scheme of life, 3 months is nothing, right?

Good bye, Luxembourg, good bye.  See you in June again.

The Bock    Grund