Licorice ice cream (I can’t live without!)

It is not completely true because there is no licorice ice cream in Luxembourg, so technically I lived without it for almost a year.  However, once you tried, it is the most addictive ice cream flavour (for me).  SoLicorice Ice Cream obviously to celebrate my moving back to Stockholm, I could not resist to indulge on it.  Funnily, it is called Djurgården and if you translated it a word by word, it would mean “an animal garden” or basically “a zoo”. So yes, I was eating ice cream from the zoo. No wonder that I act like a money when it comes to licorice ice cream! But given that they have tiny crowns on the script, I think that they refer to the actual island in Stockholm, Djurgården which meant to translate to the Royal Game Park.

Tonight is my first night in Stockholm after the official move. I have a bed, a desk, two pieces of luggage full of clothes and some domestic items, and a box of ice cream.  I think I am set!  The countdown begins: 90 days until I return home.