For my sister, the sky has no limit

She keeps surprising me every day but I shouldn’t be so surprised.  After all, I knew that she was special the day she was born.

She started hosting a TV show when she was just a kid.  She acted in TV series, a French movie, wrote songs and music, and sang in many bars and cafes.  And now she released her first official video for her single “Insane”.  No one in our families does things like that! I never knew anyone in my life to be in the industry, neither the movies nor music.  Neither does she.  It is not like we come from the fortunate family with the connections, either. It is rather quite opposite, I would say.  She had and still has to struggle over basics things in life, things that some people in other countries take for granted.  So how did this all happen?  Because she knew exactly what she wanted since she was little and she went after it all on her own.  Nothing could stop her.  Nothing will stop her.

It is amazing. She is amazing.

When things get tough, remember I will always be here for you.