Week 5: A complete blur: a quarterly closing, thesis, travel to snowland

Did I really miss week 5?  I think I did!  It’s been a roller coaster ride and I am losing track of time.

First of all, we had a quarterly closing at work.  Not sure if it says anything to most of normal people but it is basically based on the financial reporting.  You might know or not, but companies report financial statements quarterly, and thus the quarterly closing.  We do monthly reportings internally too but those stay internal.  It still requires lots of work but not as much and does not affect a whole company all around the world, as we call it the Group. Anyway, so it was a hell of the week with working late and very late but since I do enjoy my work, I do not really mind as much.  My colleague and I kept on the deadline and managed to report everything on time.  Two of us work for a separate legal entity and thus we must report everything on behalf of our “little” company.  It is not that little actually, but I won’t bore you with accounting details.

Last week, we also did our first interview for the thesis with a divisional controller so it was something new.  That was a little bit higher up the ladder than the previous interviewees operationally, the headquarters excluded.  There we already talked to various managers, including one VP (vice president).  Aaah those titles that mean nothing in Sweden.  That is why I love so much working for a Swedish company – a flat organization.  Too much business jargon today?  Oh well, that just means that my boss is more like my friend than a boss.

But the best part was going to a snowland.  Well, I didn’t know that it was going to be a snowland but I managed to escape for three days and went to visit mySnow parents in my motherland which happened to be covered in deep snow.  And I love snow, even if it is in April.  The fresh snow makes me feel and act like a kid again.  And there is no better place than home, as there is nothing better than a motherly love.  My mom was so happy that I came home that she cooked for days all my favourite meals.  I completely overate because of a lot of delicious food and desserts!  We also managed to take a short road trip to hike some snowy hills and build a snowman. I love my home country and when I return each time, it is like escaping the reality:  it is dreamy and nostalgic and carefree.  And I forget everything else.

It is really getting late here and I should go to bed.  Tomorrow after all, we have another interview (for the thesis)…  Hugs!