40 days away from my hubby but no time to think about it

It is the longest time that we have been apart in 7.5 years of being together but it has not been the hardest. I am so overwhelmed with the thesis that I rarely have time to stop and think about it.  We are still not done with the data collection.  So far we conducted 15 interviews and it is still not enough.  I am running out of the ideas who else could say “yes” because so many of my coStudyinglleagues turned us down.  It is a big organization and if they do not know me personally, they are not too eager to spend an hour talking about the subject that is not easy or fun: transfer pricing.

And getting in touch with people via emails, following up, making them to agree the time, arranging of the meeting rooms or phone calls via the web, and then executing the interviews have been taking all my energy away.  But that is just the start.  Afterwards, all the interviews need to be transcribed and we have fallen behind.  The transcription is the art itself as we are using a several programs for it and all of them are trials. So first I clean up the sound to remove any background noises, then cut it up to 10 minute intervals, convert them into .wav formats and upload to this special software that allows to listen and type.  One hour of the interview usually takes 5 hours of transcription, if not even longer, and it is very exhausting, often followed up with the headaches.  And then not to forget to thank each and every participants and follow up on any “potential” victims if they have not gotten back to me.

I know there are two of us, so it helps but since we are dealing with my company, I do all the contacts with my colleagues.  And then since I am so much better with software, I prepare the recordings and cut them into pieces.  And then it seems that I am better in transcribing, so I am transcribing most of them… but my partner is good in writing so I have hope. But the clock is ticking and we still have not started the analysis and have not written much.  Some of the previous literature review, some of the methodology part but nothing of the empirical, and not much of the introduction.  The introduction must include the conclusion, so we will probably leave it to the end.  Oh boy.  Only 30 days left!Spring shoes

In the middle of this, I still work.  When I come back to the office, I find 100s of emails waiting to be read or responded.  Most of them are taken care of by my colleague but I still have to read them through to make sure that I know what is going on.  Then there are so much to do!!!  We are only two people in the office, so it makes hard on both of us when I am away.

And the juggling of thesis and work is never ending. So when I am back to my small room, I am beat up and sleep like a baby.  I have no time to think that I missed my hubby or my friends.  There is no time to feel lonely here in Stockholm and there is no time to miss my home in Luxembourg. I have no time to think of anything.  So here I am off again… (even if it is still cold, I pulled out my summer shoes which I wore exploring Italy on our honeymoon to take a walk around the lake.  I was surprised how light they were. It is so nice to get rid of winter shoes!)