A visit to the past.

As if I were taking this walk through the past.

Letters from Wonderland




So today I was at my massage therapist and on my way home I decided to make a little circle and walk through the neighborhood I grew up in. I remembered the route from the bus stop, the same old route. I strolled down the pavements I used to stroll down a long time ago and they were all the same. Maybe just a little bit worn-off. I passed the kindergarten. The playground had more stuff for kids to climb on. I used to go there and play. I hated kindergarten. The kids didn’t get me. And I definitely didn’t get them, playing their stupid games and looking at pictures in the books and hitting the bad characters and stroking the good ones. Who does that – it’s simply dumb.

And there it was – behind the corner – my old building. Somebody’s clothes hanging in my…

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