Approaching the finish line

I know the last year has not been easy. Self-studying at home with no study buddy or much guidance while in a different country and then flying back and forth for the exams and mandatory attendance presentations or lectures from either Germany or Belgium, as we have no direct flights, studying through my honeymoon and then failing the exam, having exams to be cancelled after already booking the trip, studying on the New Years Eve and then on the following New Year’s day, studying at night after long and exhausting hours at work and working in between no matter what time (1 hour before the exam) and where (the hostel, train or airport, as long as they have a wi-fi) when the work had to be done.  But it also has been a good year since we got married, I met great people in a new country, made good friends and had one of the most fun and adventurous summers before the semester started.

So here I am in my last month studying in the University for the last time in my lifetime.  Some people say “never say never” but I know for sure. I might go back for more training because more than ever I am eager to learn when I can relate all this theoretical knowledge to my job in practice.  And yes, I still want to learn another language, maybe two. But there is no need for me to get another Master degree.

I know that we are only 10 days away from the deadline of the thesis submission and we are way behind and have still so much to write.  But I have never been calmer in my life. I have nothing to stress or worry about.  I know it will be fine.  At this point, the great journey of the last three years is ending and it is not about the result.  It is about being able to look back and reflect, and have great moments to remember.  Yes, the last four months have been crazy.  I have been down with a flu chained to a bed for a week, misdiagnosed with pneumonia and then left undiagnosed at all, still living with the effects of my misbehaving sinus. I had food poisoning that knocked me out for over 20 hours in bed in pain and fever less than 2 weeks before the deadline and my thesis partner got sick every time I got sick.  And I don’t mean it in any ironic way.  I never knew this girl before the beginning of this year, but now when we were forced to work together, sometimes I find us to be so alike that it is scary.  So I guess no surprise that we manage to get sick at the same time.

So it has been quite a journey.  It is not the end yet, but very close. And I hope to enjoy every minute of it.  I learned a long time ago that the finish line does not matter.  The diploma does not matter much either – it is just a piece of paper lying in the draw. The euphoria of graduation itself is often forgotten within the next following weeks.   So what I am a graduate now?  I graduated twice before.  But the moments and memories of getting there to the point of the graduation whether they are good or bad will be remembered.  And jeez, this time around I feel like that I learned so much!!!

Ok going back to writing.  In the end, it is only a little bit more than a week left and no time to relax.  All that trouble that I went through will be worth it.  In a month I will be able to say “I did it.  I pulled this off!”