About me

My name is Ellie or at least that’s what I say when I do not want to give up my real name. I left my home country 12 years ago and have been living abroad since. I left home so young that experiences in foreign countries shaped me of who I am today. That makes me often feel like a lost identity – I am very proud of my roots but I often find hard time relating. I relate to the place I grew up and even more so I relate to people from all the places I lived in the past 12 years. But I will never be “one of them” and I stand out among my own. So don’t ask me where I am from because I do not have the answer.

I decided to write so I can track my life.  Moving, going to different places I have collected so many fond memories and I am afraid of losing them one day if I do not write them down.

The greatest part of my life journey was meeting my best friend, my better half on the other side of the world and taking him on the journey with me. So don’t let any fear of unknown ever stop you from having your dreams come true. Nothing is out of your reach, go for it, and life might just award you with more than you originally aimed for.

Thank you for reading.   ~Ellie~